10 Top-Rated Hot Springs in Oregon

Throughout Oregon and often in beautiful surroundings, a variety of hot springs are waiting to be enjoyed, from popular hot spots such as Umpqua Hot Springs to the more remote soaking pools found at Ritter. The long list of Oregon hot springs provides interested explorers plenty of places to visit, and the pool for you depends on what you want from a soaking experience.

Hot springs like the ones found at Hart Mountain National Elk Refuge provide more isolated settings and vibrant night skies, while popular options such as Bagby Hot Springs entertain larger crowds on the weekends.

Privately owned hot springs like Belknap or Breitenbush add plenty of amenities to your stay, while Bigelow Hot Springs and other primitive soaking circles require no reservations. Find the best spots to soak your cares away with our list of the top hot springs in Oregon.

Umpqua Hot Spring, Umpqua National Forest

Visiting Pacific Northwest hot springs seems like a rite of passage when traveling on the west coast. Heck, there are so many forested thermal pools you could plan a trip around just them alone!

If your adventure takes you to Southern Oregon, we’re revealing one of the most photographed hot springs locations in the state.

This collection of geothermal pools sit right on the edge of a rock face, spilling 105-degree water into the North Umpqua River below. It’s truly a sight to see and a must-do on any Pacific Northwest bucket list!

The trail to Umpqua Hot Springs from the parking lot is not long, but that doesn’t mean proper shoes should be forgotten.

This 0.3-mile trail (0.6 total round trip) is fairly steep, with 206 feet in elevation gain in this short trail. Wearing hiking shoes will make the quick but steep trail much easier!

These passes are very easy to obtain. You can purchase one online, or pick them up at a local vendor. Think places like REI, Big 5, or click here to find a local store that sells passes.

Babgy Hot Springs, Mt. Hood National Forest

The first soaking option is located on the Private Deck which houses five hollowed-out logs, each enclosed within a private room. The Private Deck is partially covered to allow sky views and keep your belongings dry.

A short distance from the Public Deck lies the third option – the Upper Deck, which was constructed by the Friends of Bagby. This large deck is home to another whiskey barrel soaking tub, which holds around eight people (or so). At Bagby Hot Springs, the Public and Upper Decks are shared, communal soaks.

Car camping is available at the Bagby Hot Springs trailhead and a mere quarter mile beyond the hot springs at Shower Creek Campground for backpackers. No camping is allowed along the trail or at the hot springs.

Paulina Hot Springs, Newberry National Volcanic Monument

Newberry National Volcanic Monument south of Bend is an area that receives fewer visitors than it should, considering how many different unusual and beautiful activities you can do. For example, the trail that departs northward from Little Crater Campground will take you to Paulina Lake Hot Springs in just over a mile.

Situated on the edge of a grassy beach, it’s a tranquil location that doesn’t receive much traffic, particularly when you take into account how beautiful and relatively accessible it is. However, calling them “hot” springs may be a bit of an overstatement, they’re more like really warm springs.

Newberry’s repeated eruptions covered a 1,200-square-mile area with lava flows. Today, the U.S. Geologic Survey considers Newberry a high-threat volcano due to its history, hot springs, and proximity to 200,000 people. Like its more famous big brother, Crater Lake, Newberry also created a lake, or a caldera, about 75,000 years ago.

McCredie Hot Springs, Willamette National Forest

McCredie Hot Springs is an easily accessible hot springs located adjacent Salt Creek in the Willamette National Forest southeast of Eugene. The hot springs are popular due to their location along the highway. Pools are accessed via a short hike to the river from the McCredie day use area. The springs feature two sets of pools, one on either side of the river.

Wildflowers line the southern pools in the springs and summer. The pools adjacent the river are adjusted simply by changing the arrangement of stones at the water’s edge, allowing the cold creek water to mix with hot spring water.

The south bank of the creek is more secluded. The source water, emerging from the base of the concrete-rock wall, which are remains of the hot springs resort, is 125°F. There are a few pools with a more comfortable temperature than on the north bank, between 100 and 105°F. The biggest pool is about thirty feet across and two feet deep, while the smallest is just about three feet across.

Hart Mountain Hot Springs

It takes a determined traveler to reach the Hart Mountain Hot Springs, but it is well worth the effort. Situated on a high desert plateau in Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuge deep in Central Oregon, the Hart Mountain Hot Springs provides scenic and relaxing soaking opportunities. The main pool, surrounded by a rock and concrete structure, is comfortably rustic.

Another soaking pool is hidden in plain sight just a short walk from the main pool. This undeveloped hot spring is a few degrees warmer than the main pool and offers unobstructed views of the vast landscape. Look for steam rising from the grass to find it.

Belknap Hot Springs, Willamette National Forest

Belknap Hot Springs Lodge and Gardens is located along the McKenzie River in the Willamette National Forest in Lane County, Oregon. Belknap boasts two outdoor hot springs pools. This geothermal hideaway has an acres of amazing gardens that include an extravagant Secret Garden.

?Belknap Hot Springs Lodge and Gardens has a source of over 200 degrees. The mineral water is piped to two outdoor hot spring pools. Both hot spring pools are kept at a temperature between 102-104 degrees. The geothermal mineral water is treated with chlorine. The water is not all natural. Clothing is required. Bring your bathing suit.

Belknap Hot Springs Lodge and Gardens offers day use for non guests. Guests with accommodations have all access to the hot springs. The upper pool is for overnight guest only. The lower pool is for day use as well as lodge guests. This hot springs resort is open all year. Belknap is pet friendly. No dogs in the pool areas. Clothing is required. Bring your bathing suit.

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