Best Things to do in Oshawa Ontario

This suburb of Toronto is just a suburb. Situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, it is a major centre for sports and recreation.

Along with many parks and trails, Oshawa is also rich in culture. It is not only a great place to stay, but also a great place for vacations.

Some tourists go much farther than Toronto, so Oshawa is often missed. But it has a lot to offer, especially if you are looking for an old place to enjoy. If you ever find yourself in the city, these are the important things to do in Oshawa.

Wander around an estate

Parkwood Estate was once the residence of the founder of General Motors Canada; Samuel McLaughlin. Today, the amazing property is available to the public.

Walk around the grounds and admire the landscape, architecture and interior design. Includes household items, artefacts, memorabilia and books.

Today, the Parkwood Estate is a national historic site. It has 55 rooms and an incredible garden where weddings and photo selections take place.

Learn about the Canadian Army

Since 1980, the Ontario Regiment Museum (RCAC) has been open to the public. The museum is a great place to explore if you want to learn more about the Canadian Army.

The museum collects and preserves the history and antiquities of the Canadian Army, especially the Ontario Regiment in Oshawa. It has the largest collection of armoured vehicles in the country!

Visit the Ontario Regiment Museum (RCCAC) to see the Leopard 1A5, M60, Universal Carrier, Ferret Reconnaissance Car and more. Weapons, uniforms, and medals are also on display.

Things to do in the winter

The Lindsay Museum has been a historic residence since the 1800s. Have you ever wondered what life is like in this century? You can go back to this museum. In this house, you are invited to look back to the 1800s.

The Station Gallery is also a great place to visit in January. The Visual Arts Center has been around for four decades. You can have fun with great pictures and sculptures. Or, to go wild with your creativity, you can take an art class.

Drama games and a short history

Are you interested in music and drama? At Pickering, you can tour the Kirk Theater. Here you can participate in music and the arts and see the various plays and productions that take place throughout the year. The Parkwood Estate is located east of Pickering, Oshawa, and has been a staple of the city since 1917, when Robert Samuel McLaughlin lived.


Every summer, Oshawa hosts special and favourite festivals. The wonderful Peony Festival, Fiesta Week’s cultural festivals, the Metis Festival and the Autofest all highlight Oshowa’s love with the vehicle. My favourite is Oshawa’s unusual Canadian day decorated with fireworks in Lakeview Park.

Donna’s own Oshawa food scene

Are they tired of the big shopping malls and their recurring restaurant food? Go to the city of Oshawa, where free restaurants are thriving. Excellent international cuisine ranging from comfort food to local diners. In most cases, it is very easy to find the price of part 15 or less.

Senior Services

The annual membership fee for the Oshawa Seniors Centers is just $ 10, and there are four locations for inexpensive or active activities for adults. Local seniors centres attract a large number of members from outside Oshawa due to high-quality programs.


Since most young families are excluded from the housing market in the Greater Toronto area, it indicates an employee opportunity not available in other areas in the suburbs of Oshawa. Oshawa is a family community with excellent schools and excellent recreational opportunities on the Durham Public and Catholic Council.

Entertainment options

Oshawa has a great music scene, whether it’s a Canadian band meeting at the General Motors Center, the Regent Theater, or the Atria or Miste Club.

An artistic and cultural landscape

Cultural leaders have teamed up with small organizations such as the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Parkwood, the Oshawa Community Museum and the Living Room Community Art Studio to begin to gain the recognition that Oshawa’s wonderful arts and culture deserve.

15th best city in Canada

McLean ranked 15th best city for Oklahoma in Canada. There are four post-secondary schools in the city in Oshawa. Durham College, University of Ontario Tech (formerly UIT), Trent University Remote Campus, Queen’s University – Remote Campus, Oshawa Airport, where you can learn to fly.

You can also pay. $ 200 per 1-hour flight lesson You can travel on your own – I know all this since I did it in the summer of 2018.

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