Top Safari Myths Revealed You Must Know

Although some places are as hot as places like Ethiopia, Botswana and Mali, it would be a mistake to generalize Africa as a hot continent. The equator divides Africa in half and crosses Kenya, Uganda, Congo and other countries. All affected countries have an equatorial climate that has a similar temperature range throughout the year. This temperature is very comfortable and away from heat. This should not stop anyone from enjoying a Kenya safari.

Those scandals are purely scavengers.

In many places, hyenas are waiting for their remains, with lone scavengers, leopards, leopards and lions dying to kill small predators. But where the game is very abundant, vultures are very effective hunters, and regularly gather to claim their prey – they are a real hunting force.

This leopard does not pull its claws.

The leopard has the same physical device for pulling claws as any other dog – precisely the same arrangement of muscles and tendons that allows any cat to stretch or pull its paws. So they are not really like dogs.

Africa Isn’t Safe

The Game Reserve in Africa is one of the safest areas in the world and has not been targeted by any terrorists or other attacks.

Also, you should have an experienced guide and spend most of your time in national parks and play reserves.

You Can Plan It Alone

If this is your first visit to Africa, it is not a good idea to plan an African safari yourself.

You may not be in too much danger, guides, trackers and routes play an important role in any successful journey.

Also, a travel agency provides knowledge known only to locals and gives you exclusive access to their game stocks.

Safaris are dangerous

African safaris are not naturally dangerous because they are generally highly regulated and studied. Guides are trained and trained to ensure the safety of guests.

It is not advisable to go into the bush alone as you will encounter some wildlife on the safari.

Moreover, the fear of catching a dangerous disease is unfounded. Areas, where safaris take place, are generally very healthy.

In addition, the most common diseases in the news can be easily prevented with immunization and basic medical care, in which many excellent NGOs work.

A safari is the same everywhere.

Safari animals that everyone should see. (Not sure what they are? We’re talking about lions, rhinos, elephants, leopards and cape buffaloes.) That’s true; there are plenty of places where you can see these five animals – and giraffes and zebras. But there are still so many animals to see on the safari, and the journey to find them is a different experience.

Africa is unclean

As in other continents, some cities have more streets than others. Beyond waste, there are many more reports of the disease spreading in African countries – but in reality, they are in a limited number of countries.

Depending on your destination, your doctor may prescribe a few more immunizations, but this is especially true for travel to many other places, including South America, Asia and Europe. At the same time, many business owners in Africa, as elsewhere, take pride in keeping their offerings flawless and clean.

Africa is not unsafe

Health issues aside, some travellers are concerned about the physical safety of the safari, which could be caused by human or animal cruelty. Only four cities on the continent are on the list of the 50 most dangerous cities in the world, all of which are in South Africa.

I can plan this myself.

You are technically speaking, yes. The question is really, do you want to? I am sure you understand that you know when to employ the key to success at this point in your life. This is one of those times.

Transportation in the vast deserts of Africa is a challenge. Knowing which sites have animals in a given week is more of an art than a science. Finding animals is a training skill once you get there. We have 145 years of travel planning and a team of experts with long-term relationships with partners who live and breathe on safari.

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